Advanced Machine Services.
Lubricants for all applications.

Spindle Repair Services

Spindle Repair, Service and Rebuild

Motorized Spindles
High Speed & Precision Spindles
Drive Motors
Longer Life = Cost Savings
Experience Engineering Staff

Spindle Design Services

Custom Designed Spindles & Modifications

Designs & Mods for Difficult Environments
Belt Driven Spindles For Custom Applications
Extremely low vibration & run-out.
Roller to Ball Bearing Conversions.
Increased Maximum Speeds.
Increased Rigidity
Silicone Nitride bearing components
Specific balance and non-repetitive run-out requirements.


Performance Engineered Lubricants

Kluber Grease and Oil Lubricants
Ultra Filtered Grease for Super Precision
Spindle Grease
Electric Motor Grease
Special Applications

High Temperature
High Speed
Low Temperature
Low Noise


On-Site Services

On-Site Services

Oil Filtration
Oil Sampling & Analysis
Vibration Analysis

Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Are You Using the Best Oils and Greases for Your Application?
Lube Sampling with Recommendations

Drive Motor Services

Precision Electric Motor Repair Service

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