Altemp Q NB 50 Grease

Altemp Q NB 50 High Temperature Long Term Grease for Ball Bearings in: Conveyors, Electric Motors, Baking Ovens and Textile Clip Chain Applications. Please see

We are proud to be able to offer many outstanding Kluber products including ALTEMP Q NB 50. More details about ALTEMP Q NB 50 are presented in the Product Data Sheet below

We offer this product in the following packaging:

80 g Tube Inquire
80g Case of (10) tubes Inquire
80 g Case of (25) tubes Inquire
600 g Cartridge Inquire
600 g Case of (6) cartridges Inquire
600 g Case of (12) cartridges Inquire
750 g Can Inquire
750 g Case of (6) cans Inquire
30 kg Pail Inquire
30 kg Case of (2) pails $20.00


Altemp Q NB 50 Grease

Manufacturer: Kluber
Application Notes: ALTEMP Q NB 50 High Temperature and Long Term Grease ALTEMP Q NB 50 grease is ideal for rolling bearings, water resistant, extremely stable to oxidation, not aggressive to most elastomers and plastics, not corrosive to ferrous or non-ferrous metals, resistant to most chemicals and organic solvents, also to chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents. Not resistant to fluorinated hydrocarbon solvents. Suitable for bearings on conveyors and automatic baking ovens, ball bearings in clip chains on textile machines, rolling bearings in electric motors.
Base Oil: Mineral
Thickener: Barium complex soap + inorganic solid lubricants
Color: Beige
NLGI: 2 to 3
Density @ 20 C
(g/cm3) approx

Viscosity @ 40 C:
DIN 51561 mm2/sec approx.

42 to 50
Operating Temperature Range: -15 to 150 C approx.
Four Ball Welding Force:
DIN 51530, pt. 4 [N]
> 4000
Container Sizes: 80 g Tube, 80g Case of (10) Tubes, 80 g Case of (25) Tubes, 600 g Cartridge, 600 g Case of (6) Cartridges, 600 g Case of (12) Cartridges, 750 g Can, 750 g Case of (6) Cans, 30 kg Pail, 30 kg Case of (2) Pails

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