Kluberlub BE 71-501 Klubermatic Flex Automatic Lubricator

Special lubricating grease for rolling and plain bearings (New prices effective 7/18/22)

Klüberlub BE 71-501 is a light-colored lubricating grease which offers good compatibility with nonferrous metals like those used for example as plain bearing material. Due to its special formulation and solid lubricants, wear is low when exposed to rotating and oscillating motion and high impact loads. Klüberlub BE 71-501 is resistant to water and has a good sealing effect. The additives contained in this product enhance its ageing resistance.

We offer this product in the following packaging:

125 ml Klubermatic flex Inquire
125 ml Case of (6) klubermatic flex Inquire
125 ml Case of (10) Inquire


Kluberlub BE 71-501 Klubermatic Flex Automatic Lubricator

Manufacturer: kluber
Application Notes: Klüberlub BE 71-501 can contribute to extending the service life of plain bearings where low-wear and low-friction operation is required under mixed friction conditions. This special grease meets the requirements in terms of reduced lubricant consumption and extended lubrication intervals in forging presses while maintaining a constant temperature level in the plain bearing. Klüberlub BE 71-501 can also be used for plain bearings subject to high loads in the plastics processing industry and building machines (e.g. ring-roll mills) and in construction machines. Owing to the good results achieved on the rolling bearing test rigs and the good pumpability of the Pack sizes grease in commercial central lubrication systems. Klüberlub BE 71-501 is also suitable for high-temperature applications, especially in the steel industry (e.g. ring-roller mills) and woodworking industry (e.g. rolling bearings in pelleting presses).
Base Oil: Mineral
Thickener: Polyurea + solid lubricants
Speed Factor: Approx. 300,000
Viscosity @ 40 C:
DIN 51 562

Viscosity @ 100 C:
DIN 51 562

Operating Temperature Range: -20 to 140 deg C
Worked Penetration:
DIN ISO 2137

310 to 340
Container Sizes: 125 ml Klubermatic Flex, 125 ml Case of (6) Klubermatic Flex, 125 ml Case of (10)

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