Petamo® GHY 133 N

GHY 133 N is a high temperature long term GREASE for rolling bearings in automotive components, water pumps, fans, electric motors, textile and paper machines. GHY 133 N is designed for central lube systems. GHY 133N is specified for use in Nord gearboxes and Bombardier snowmachines. (Prices effective 7/18/22)

We are proud to be able to offer many outstanding Kluber products including Kluber Peramo ® GHY 133 N . More details about this product are presented in the Product Data Sheet below

We offer this product in the following packaging:

400g Cartridge $109.95
400g Box of (6) cartridges $639.95
400g Box of (12) cartridges $1,249.95
1 kg Can $197.95
1 kg Case of (6) cans $1,175.70
1 kg Case of (12) cans $2,315.40
16 kg Pail $2,499.95
25 kg Pail $3,129.95
50 kg Keg $6,699.95
180 kg Drum $17,999.95


Petamo® GHY 133 N

Manufacturer: Kluber
Application Notes: GHY 133 N is a Long term high temperature grease Rolling bearing grease for long load durations at high temperatures, for electric motors, fan heaters, drying installations, textile machines, paper machines. GHY 133N is specified for use in Nord gearboxes Automotive water pumps, idler pulleys, wheel bearings, fans, couplings, clutch release bearings. GHY 133 N is water resistant, inert to many plastics and elastomers Easy to deliver in central grease lubrication systems
Base Oil: Synthetic hydrocarbon, mineral
Thickener: Polyurea
Color: Light brown - light beige
Density @ 15 C
(g/cm3) approx

Approx. 0.9 gm/cm3
Viscosity @ 40 C:
DIN 51561 mm2/sec approx.

Viscosity @ 100 C:
DIN 51561 mm2/sec approx.

Operating Temperature Range: -30 to 160 deg C
Worked Penetration:
DIN ISO 2137 [0.1 MM] approx.

265 to 295
Container Sizes: 400g Cartridge, 400g Box of (6) cartridges, 400g Box of (12) cartridges, 1 kg Can, 1 kg Case of (6) Cans, 1 kg Case of (12) Cans, 16 kg Pail, 25 kg Pail, 50 kg Keg, 180 kg Drum

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