Single Point Bearing Lubricator.

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You’ve heard the statistics. You know that improper lubrication is a major cause of bearing failure. Perhaps your overworked maintenance staff doesn’t always get around to performing routine maintenance, and so bearings don’t always get enough grease. Or perhaps your problem is too much grease – your staff might lack training regarding proper lubrication techniques, so they pump grease until seals are damaged.

For these and other reasons, maintenance professionals are looking to automate their lubrication maintenance tasks. They realize that effective reliability centered maintenance requires effective lubrication maintenance. This means that bearings need the right amount of grease at the right times. Too much grease or too little grease means bearings fail prematurely, and the reliability and availability of critical machinery is compromised.

If you’re interested in learning about how we can help you improve bearing lubrication for your machinery, give us a call. We’ll tell you about the benefits of automated lubrication equipment and we can help you design and install a system that is right for your situation.

The benefits of ELECTRO-LUBE lubricators…

Easy to install and monitor
Robust & durable – can be used in areas exposed to vibration, moisture, dust
NEMA explosion–proof models available
Improve bearing life and overall performance… a small amount of grease applied frequently is better than a large slug from a grease gun!
Increase seal life… grease guns develop up to 10,000 psi! Used improperly, they blow out bearing seals

Single point lubricators are used to automatically pump an exact amount of grease into a bearing. Bearings require a precise amount of grease for the longest life. Too much grease or not enough grease can both cause premature bearing failure. Automatic grease lubricators are the way to go in a reliability based maintenance program or PdM program. If you are looking for grease equipment, automatic lubricators, or anything related to lubrication or lubricators give us a try. Critical machines require preventative maintenance and reliability based maintenance or RBM programs. Instead of your maintenance personnel accidentally pumping possibly contaminated grease into the grease fittings with a grease gun or grease pump, why not set up a proper lubrication program for all of your grease lubrication by using automated grease lubrication equipment

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