Kluber Isoflex Topas NB 52

High Speed Grease for Tapered Roller Bearings in extreme operating conditions including Snow Machines, ATVs, Personal Watercraft, Screen Vibrators to name a few.

Kluber ISOFLEX TOPAS NB 52 is a lubricating grease with a wide service temperature range for plain and rolling bearings. It consists of a synthetic hydrocarbon oil and barium complex soap. It is resistant to water, ambient media, oxidation aging, and it protects reliably against corrosion.

Isoflex Topas NB 52 grease is designed for long term lubrication of ball and roller bearings and plain bearings. Isoflex Topas NB 52 has a wide service temperature range, resists water, contamination, oxidation and corrosion. We are proud to be able to offer many outstanding Kluber products including Kluber Topas Isoflex NB 52. More details about this product are presented in the Product Data Sheet below

Kluber ISOFLEX TOPAS NB 52 is the grease specified by manufacturers such as Bombardier and Ski-Doo and include applications such as engine bearings in snowmobiles and one-way clutches in ATV’s.

Kluber Isoflex Topas NB 52

Suitable for low temperatures
Synthetic grease for plain and rolling bearings.
Good pressure absorption
Wide temperature range -60 to 250 deg F
Speeds up to 850,000 dN
Resistant to water and ambient media
Good corrosion protection
Resistance to oxidation and aging

Available in: 50 gram tubes, 400 gram cartridges, 1 Kg cans

Sale on 50 gram tube only

$32.95 INCLUDING shipping via First Class Mail in the US
$35.95 INCLUDING shipping via Priority Mail in the US

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